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Ladies and gentlemen,

due to the current "Corona crisis", we have decided to adjust our attendance times to the current situation from April 1, 2020 until the end of the month.

Our hotel is therefore still bookable 24/24. However, the reception is now only open from 07:00 to 11:00 in the morning and from 18:00 to 20:00 in the afternoon.

Any reservation request will continue to be processed around the clock. For this purpose we have set up a home office for the processing of any inquiries.

Please contact us in writing for all enquiries, as we are only available to a limited extent by telephone at present.

We ask you to understand this fact and hope that the crisis will come to a tolerable end for all of us as soon as possible. Keep well!

Yours sincerely

City-Hotel Team
D. Karrenbauer

PS: Another small epilogue on our own behalf:
The crisis will not be over in May 2020 either. For this reason, please adapt your booking behaviour to the situation. Many small and private businesses are currently in need in Mannheim and the surrounding area. Not all of them will make it! Therefore, you should consider whether it would not make sense to change your booking habits to small and private owned houses until a functional vaccination is produced. In this way, you do not only support these businesses and thus the employees, but you also protect yourself in a certain way, as the group-behaviour in a small hotel business will certainly be different and the associated risk of infection will be reduced to a minimum.
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